We use short forms daily and sometimes we don’t even know that it is a short form of something. I am not talking about chat abbreviations. Those are different. These are proper short forms like VIRUS, OK, URL, MODEM etc etc. I was not aware that VIRUS is short form. Here is the list……

Short Forms used daily without knowing full forms

  1. BMWBavarian Motor Works
    You say its your favorite car, do you know its full form?
  2. SCUBASelf-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
    Have you done SCUBA diving? Did you know this before?
  3. ATMAutomated Teller Machine
    Atleast this you should know. 🙂
  4. OKOll Korrect
    OK. 😛
  5. URLUniform Resource Locator
    Life is easier with short forms, isn’t it? Otherwise you would ask – What is your Uniform Resource Locator…haha
  6. MODEMMOdulator – DEModulator
    This is getting old now.
  7. DSLRDigital Single Lens Reflex
    We all want DSLR. Even I want it 😛 but never knew this before or tried to know.
  8. e.gExample given
  9. i.e In Effect
  10. PVRPriya Village Roadshow
    So on weekends you watch a village Roadshow 😉
  11. USBUniversal Serial Bus
    Why is it called a Bus?
  12. JPEGJoint Photographer Experts Group
  13. LOVELanguage Of Valuable Emotions
    This has many other full forms. Like it is said love can be in many forms.
  14. PNGPortable Network Graphics
    We ask for image as JPEG and PNG but never knew their full forms.
  15. WiFiWireless Fidelity
    So are you using Wireless Fidelity right now? Or what’s your Wireless Fidelity Password?
  16. SIMSubscriber Identity Module
    Your mobile is Dual Subscriber Identity Module. Thank God someone created these short forms.
  17. VIRUSVital Information Resource Under Seize
    This sounds HiFi

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