Idli Recipe: Easiest way to make Idlis in 2 minutes that too in Appam patra.

This trick was told to me by my Mother. She told me that you can make Idli directly on stove with this Appam Patra.

Idli recipe appam patra

Next day I went to some local shops and told them to show me this Non-Stick Appam Patra. I told them I will make Idli in this and they said it is not possible. You can’t make Idli in this.

You can buy this appam patra on Amazon.

(Facepalm) 🙁 ……..So I came home and called my mother that we cannot prepare idlis in this.
She sent me some pics and I believed like you will believe me after reading this post 🙂

Steps :

  1. Take ready-made Idli Dosa batter or you can prepare batter at home.
  2. First of all put little salt to taste and also add some 2-3 spoons water in your batter and mix well. Adding water will make Idli soft and it will not get brown from bottom. ( For me first time it became bit brown from bottom).Idli appam
  3. Now put that batter in Appam Patra as shown.
  4. Cover this by proper size plate. Note that it should fully cover the Patra so that no steam can escape. Keep this Patra directly on gas at very LOW flame. (low flame is important or else you will not get soft idli)Idli recipe appam
  5. Finally after 2 to 3 minutes check the state. If it is 75% cooked Turn off the gas and KEEP IT COVERED. You can see here what I mean by 75% cooked.
    Idli podi
  6. After you saw its 75% cooked keep it covered for 10 minutes in which rest 25% will be cooked by its own steam there. That is why full proper cover is important.
  7. Now after 10 minutes of waiting your Idli is ready and you can take it off by your hand itself. (If it is not coming out, don’t force it, just leave it covered for few more minutes). You can see below that bottom of Idli is also white. No need to overturn and cook another side.And this is ready…. This is quick and very handy. Just one utensil to make Idli … Wow…. I love it.

    Idli recipe-4

    You can get this Appam Patra  with 7 cavities or you can also buy one with 14.
    I personally like this one on Amazon with lid and handle.

    Also for people in other countries you can buy it from amazon as this recipe is very easy and you must try this for sure.

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