Excel tips and tricks for best use of excel. Convert your Hard work to smart work.



Excel tips and tricks

1. Data Charts within your data.

You must have created many data charts from your data. Data charts are graphical representation of numbers. It is easier to make out the highest and lowest of any data. Instead of creating data charts separately, you can create chart within your data.

See below screenshot for this excel tip.

Excel tips and tricks

Steps to follow.

  1. Select the data – Like here I have selected cells B2 to B13.
  2. Then in Home tab go to Conditional formatting.
  3. Go to option of Data bars and then select the color you want your data to show.

That’s it! You are done with Data Chart.


2. Excel Row height and Column width in centimetres and inches.

You can make cell width and height in cm and in. This can be useful in printing and also if you want to make some diagram on excel.

If you simply try to change your cell dimensions by right click it will not allow you to enter values in centimetres and inches. See below

Excel tips

Steps to follow.

  1. Go to View tab –> Workbook views –> Page Layout
    Excel tips
  2. Select all columns and right click to go to Column widthExcel tricks
  3. Enter column width in cm and in whichever you want.excel 1cm-3
  4. Repeat it for rows.

Now you have your page as per dimensions required in cm and in.

Excel tips and tricks

3. Excel Change text to uppercase

In MS Word it is easy to change from lowercase to uppercase but in excel if you write something or copy and want to change it to uppercase then what? Will you rewrite in uppercase?

Do not rewrite. By just a simple formula you can change it to uppercase.

Steps to follow.

  1. Just put this in any blank cell =Upper(B12)
    B(12) here is the cell I want to make uppercase.
  2. Then copy and paste as value wherever you want that uppercase text.

It is as simple as that. This comes handy when a full sentence is to be typed in uppercase.


4. Excel Insert multiple hyperlinks in one shot.

You have got a column with some text and you want to put hyperlink to each. For large number of cells, doing it manually is time consuming.

Excel tips and tricks

But you can make a formula to create hyperlinks at one go.

Steps to follow.

  1. Insert formula in adjacent cell =HYPERLINK( link cell, text cell)
    For eg. Here formula will be =HYPERLINK(B3, A3)

Excel hyperlink

  1. Drag the formula down to get all the links in 1 shot.

 Excel is Excellent to reduce hard work with smart work. 

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