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Kitchen tools that are really useful

Do you sometimes feel that you need a helper in the kitchen? No doubt we can get them. But it is better to get tools that help you. Kitchen tools that reduce your time by half. Let’s see the list of Kitchen tools that are really useful. I am not just promoting these items for the sake of promotion, but these are the items I personally use in my kitchen. These have reduced my time I spend in the kitchen. You may try one or two then buy all of them to convert your HARD WORK to SMART WORK. Below list...

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Quick Chickpea Recipe – Kabuli Chana Masala

This Quick Chickpea recipe was introduced to me by my Punjabi friend. Being newly married, juggling with professional commitments and cooking, left little or no time for myself. No doubt we both share household responsibility but still we found it difficult to manage. What to cook was the most difficult question. Obviously I was searching for quick recipes as morning 7 to evening 7 I am at work. In this new environment she came to my rescue and taught me quick recipes. Here goes the recipe and I will tell you a tip at the end which will cut the cooking time of this recipe to...

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Mother’s Recipe Variation of Cheese Chilli Toast

If you are thinking that this is usual cheese chilli toast recipe then you are wrong. This is a variation of cheese chilli toast. This looks simple, not stuffed with veggies and all, but it is so yummy that it will be in your list of “Food that brings water in my mouth!!”. This is my mother’s recipe. I made this for my in-laws and they couldn’t resist eating even when their stomach was full. This was something they have never tasted before. Let’s start making Cheese Chilli Toast: Ingredients: (For 2 slices of Bread)  2 Cheese cubes, 6-8 cloves...

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2 Minutes IDLI recipe in appam patra

Idli Recipe: Easiest way to make Idlis in 2 minutes that too in Appam patra. This trick was told to me by my Mother. She told me that you can make Idli directly on stove with this Appam Patra. Next day I went to some local shops and told them to show me this Non-Stick Appam Patra. I told them I will make Idli in this and they said it is not possible. You can’t make Idli in this. You can buy this appam patra on Amazon. (Facepalm) 🙁 ……..So I came home and called my mother that we cannot prepare idlis in...

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