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Random Week #8 – Story on Quote

New hare and tortoise story We all know the old story of hare and tortoise. Today let’s read New hare and tortoise story. Once, a hare saw a tortoise walking slowly with a heavy shell on his back. The hare was always very proud of himself. He asked the tortoise, “Shall we have a race?” The tortoise agreed. They started the running race. The hare ran very fast. But the tortoise walked very slowly. Feeling proud, hare rested under a tree and soon slept off. But the tortoise, walked slowly and steadily by the time hare was sleeping. And he won...

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Random Week #7 – Story On Quote Money vs Relationship

Today’s story is about Money vs Relationship. Definitely money is important but it should not come between relationships. Poor is the person who has nothing but money. ” A wise man should have money in his head, not in his heart.”   Story Once there lived a poor couple with their son and daughter. They were somehow managing daily expenses for food and shelter. But as fate would have it, both parents died in an accident. Kids had no other relative to take care. Still the boy did not give up as he was older and had to look...

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Random Week #6 – Story On Quote

This week’s story is on quote “The attempt to satisfy greed is like drinking salty water when thirsty.” Have you ever thought why our life is in PHASES? Why is it not like our childhood all throughout? I think there is an answer for that too and that is GREED. Yes we all are greedy. Let us read how…. Random Week #6 Story on Quote – Phases of Life defined by Greed. When God created this world, he was distributing number of years every living creature will live. First in the line was Dog –> Monkey –> Donkey –> Man...

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Random Week #5 – Story On Quote

This week’s story is on quote “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.“ When you were small, you started learning to walk. Did you stop after failing? No, obviously. Learning to talk took you years. But still you continued. Right? We come in this world and right from day 1 our struggle starts. But why do you forget that when you grow old? Why do you get discouraged so easily as you grow older. Let’s read the story and then will continue to discuss. Random-Week #5   Story on Quote – Elephant and rope....

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Random Week #4 – Story On Quote

Continuing my series – Story on Quote. This week’s story is on “When you judge others, you don’t judge them, you judge yourself.” This is so true. whenever you judge someone just keep yourself in that place and then judge. Judge as if you are judging yourself. Although judgment is a natural instinct, try to catch yourself before you speak, or send that nasty email and hurt anyone with your behaviour. You can’t get your words back. Try to rephrase your critical internal thought into a positive one, or at least a neutral one. Let’s hear the story and then talk...

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