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20 Quotes that will encourage you saving RIGHT NOW!

All about saving quotes. When you are out of cash and have pending bills, saving is impossible. But it is essential. You need to start now! Before a dark day in your life. We all come across dark days and in those days we  need some backup. Backup will not generate by itself, you have to make it. When will you start? You can only save when your earning are small. If you think you can save when you will earn more then you are wrong. With more money your needs will also increase. All big personalities talk about...

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Quotable quote. Today I came across a quote which has controversial origin. I am not interested in its origin but I like the true meaning behind it. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford.  With so much to occupy us in this modern world people proclaim that they are bored. Two-thirds of us are bored at home or at school and of course at work. Rest are the people who always try to develop something new to entertain us – the boring people. For example there are so many mobile phones coming up these days. Those people are constantly trying to do new things. While we are bored by office work, by the commute and by dull meetings. Even TV, Facebook, other social media seem boring to us. Kids are bored – bored of school, of homework and even of school holidays. Instead of getting bored and complaining all the time try to do things differently. Bored of school?  Try a new way to study by doing things practically or maybe you can find out uses of what you are studying. In what way will that particular lesson help you. In process of finding all this you will learn new things related to what you are studying. And trust me you will not need any textbook to mug up answers. Answers to will come to...

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Quotes – Wisdom thoughts and sayings

Quotes – Wisdom thoughts and sayings This is a page dedicated to  all types of quotes – wisdom thoughts and sayings. Wisdom thoughts can make your day. Here you can enjoy funny , inspirational, motivational quotes. Sometimes tips and tricks or even jokes. Laughter is the best medicine. 🙂 “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”― by Margaret Fuller Even my first post was about a saying and some elaborated thoughts over it. You can read it here. Lets start the journey. Hope you will enjoy. “If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.” Hahahha this is so funny.   2. Even if you have sweet charming life and have everything that is required to live a lovely life, sometimes our soul is no peaceful even then.  And this quote is so true…….   3. You may have so many friends and advisors but still if you don’t do what your inner voice is telling then you are not satisfied. 4. Today the world has developed so much. You travel a lot to see different places and things. But still close your eyes and try to see inside that world. It will be much more pleasing.   5. There are variety of things available to eat. But can you eat them unlimited? NO. When you get some health issue and are restricted to eat certain...

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