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25 Words you never knew existed

There are so many words out there that describe really common things we encounter every day, but that I had no idea even existed. Words to describe just about every situation or feeling known to man as well as every object, every color and every action.

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17 Short Forms used daily without knowing full forms

  We use short forms daily and sometimes we don’t even know that it is a short form of something. I am not talking about chat abbreviations. Those are different. These are proper short forms like VIRUS, OK, URL, MODEM etc etc. I was not aware that VIRUS is short form. Here is the list…… Short Forms used daily without knowing full forms BMW – Bavarian Motor Works You say its your favorite car, do you know its full form? SCUBA – Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Have you done SCUBA diving? Did you know this before? ATM – Automated Teller...

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If genie grants you wishes, what would you wish for?

We asked people, “If genie grants you wishes, what would you wish for?”. We got some awesome answers. Some funny, some not properly phrased, blunders and some very smart. Listening to their answers I feel like changing my profession to lawyer. Everyone wants a lawyer to make terms and conditions before they wish. So if people are thinking to hire lawyer for such reasons, there is a huge scope for lawyers. Lets read answers to Genie wishes. 1. I wish to win, whenever I intentionally gamble. This is nice way to get every wish fulfilled. If you want anything to...

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Reverse life – What if we live life in reverse?

What if we come in this world OLD and leave the world as baby. REVERSE LIFE. Suppose you have all memories which you will have if you lived from birth to death and not the other way round. Also all the knowledge and it will go away as you become smaller. How will you enter the world? You will wake up from your graveyard and crying people will be surrounding you. They will take you out and go home. And they may be your children or any relatives. So they greet you in the world crying. Then from home...

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Lesson Learnt – Short Story

Today I am going to share a lesson to learn. It is a small story with big meaning. Lesson Learnt : A teacher, after having dinner, starts checking test papers of her students. Husband was playing his favourite game on his smartphone. While checking she suddenly started crying and tears overflowed. Her husband saw this and asked, ‘Why are you crying dear? What happened?’ Wife: Yesterday’s essay topic for students was on –‘My Wish’ Husband: OK, but why are you crying? Wife: ‘This essay, written here is making me cry’ Husband (curiously): ‘Which answer made you cry?’ Wife: Listen to...

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