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Best Excel Uses – Tips and Tricks

Excel tips and tricks for best use of excel. Convert your Hard work to smart work.     1. Data Charts within your data. You must have created many data charts from your data. Data charts are graphical representation of numbers. It is easier to make out the highest and lowest of any data. Instead of creating data charts separately, you can create chart within your data. See below screenshot for this excel tip. Steps to follow. Select the data – Like here I have selected cells B2 to B13. Then in Home tab go to Conditional formatting. Go to option of Data bars and then select the color you want your data to show. That’s it! You are done with Data Chart.   2. Excel Row height and Column width in centimetres and inches. You can make cell width and height in cm and in. This can be useful in printing and also if you want to make some diagram on excel. If you simply try to change your cell dimensions by right click it will not allow you to enter values in centimetres and inches. See below Steps to follow. Go to View tab –> Workbook views –> Page Layout Select all columns and right click to go to Column width Enter column width in cm and in whichever you want. Repeat it for rows. Now you have your...

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Excel : Top 5 Excel tips for daily use

How often do you use excel? If you use excel quite often and want some handy Excel tips then continue reading. There are better ways of performing tasks that you currently use Excel for. There are many tips and chart sheets online which include very basic shortcuts such as Ctrl+C is copy. But I am writing neither for very basic nor for any high funda formulas. So just simple daily use Excel tips. Sum Function in Excel. Do you use =sum(A3:A10) such kind of formula to get sum? So how do you do it? You type this formula. Right? But...

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