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What happens when you fail?

When you fail, you become sad and start searching problems in everything that comes before you. You read about your problems online. There are a whole lot of people out there having the same problem. They come together and do nothing but cry. What you do is – go there, join them and tell yourself that I AM NOT ALONE. But is that any solution to your problem?

Do you know that it is advised not to search your symptoms for any medical issue online. Why? Because when you search for it, you will end up reading that you have a deadly disease. And you are going to die soon. I bet you would have done that too. Searching about your life problems online will also do you no good. It makes you angry, depressed, and fearful of a future that doesn’t exist. It prevents you from living in the present. Lost people- obviously if they are lost they don’t know where they are. So, why you want to join a community where nobody knows where he or she is?

These failure kinds of situations are actually blessings.

They force you to move forward, which otherwise you would have avoided. If life teaches you a lesson and you move on then that’s GREAT, but don’t forget that lesson ever. I know it is tough, it is frustrating that whatever you have done nobody cares. You should care for yourself. But that’s what life is all about.

When you fall, you are already on ground. If you are still alive that means there is a way to rise again or else you would have died. Now you know it isn’t anything that should scare you. You already know that definitely there is a way to rise again.

Do this one activity just one week – Wherever you go just observe people around. If you hear a person complaining then just think what level or position he is in his life. At the same time observe people who have achieved more. You will come to a conclusion “Those who complain the most, accomplish the least.” This is very true. Just try it once.

You got the point that there is no use crying over the spilt milk. Now what you should do? I cannot answer this question as you’re the only one who knows best. So ask yourself the kind of questions that will lead you to discover the good attitudes you require.
Do whatever brings a smile to your face……..
Move forward step by step……….
You’ll find that it’s much better to move on rather than doing nothing at all.

So whenever you fail just remember that there is nothing wrong with you. There was fault in the ladder that you were climbing. YOU DID NOT FAIL.