I recently started learning WordPress and made this blog myself. I came across several problems and googled them to find solution. But this particular problem I only got a solution to change .php file. Either to delete something from some .php file or not to insert that image in post. But I was not convinced and tried to do some try and  error method myself. I am not sure that this solution is out there or not. So here we go….

How to hide featured image in Single Post pages

Hide featured image in Single Post pages WordPress
  1. Featured image is what appears in a page showing all posts. Mark that there is difference between Page and Post. So I want Featured image to show only on page but if I set my featured image I get it again in my post. See below what I mean.

    WordPress Featured image 1So now I want my featured image to be removed from inside of post as it doesn’t look nice.
  2. This feature image is called thumbnail and can be removed by adding some custom CSS. I hope you have custom CSS plugin installed. If not please do it.
    Go to WordPress Dashboard –> Appearance –> EditorWordPress Featured image 3
  3. Next, on right hand side at the bottom go to your style.css sheet and Ctr + F (find) thumbnail. Search till you find single article or single post thumbnail. something like this….
    WordPress Featured image 4
  4. Copy that and then go to Appearance –> Custom CSS  and paste it there with some modification by setting display to none as shown below. Then click on update custom CSS and you are done!!Featured image 5
  5.  See below that now in my post there is only image and not Featured image showing at top.Featured image 6This solution worked for me in chrome browser. Different themes have different CSS so if you need any help for your theme to do this please mention it in comments and we can solve it together.Do share if it was helpful.