We asked people, “If genie grants you wishes, what would you wish for?”. We got some awesome answers. Some funny, some not properly phrased, blunders and some very smart. Listening to their answers I feel like changing my profession to lawyer.

Everyone wants a lawyer to make terms and conditions before they wish. So if people are thinking to hire lawyer for such reasons, there is a huge scope for lawyers.

Lets read answers to Genie wishes.

genie wishes

1. I wish to win, whenever I intentionally gamble.

This is nice way to get every wish fulfilled. If you want anything to happen, you can just bet it will happen.

2.I’d wish that any time something bad happens in my life, something exponentially better will immediately follow.

Oh you forgot that the good should happen to YOU. Wish carefully. You may ruin it.

3. I wish for a stone. This stone is exactly 2.5 centimeters wide by 5 centimeters long by one centimeter thick. It is rounded on the edges with a slope matching that of a marble. Deep blue with a white cross pattern on it. Should be consistent 37 degrees Celsius at all times. It weighs exactly 100 grams. It grants me infinite benevolent wishes whenever I want, wherever I want, however I want. Only I can make the wishes. It will appear in 2.3 seconds after the end of this wish, hovering 1 cm above my open left palm, and will fall at a rate of 1 cm per second. If I lose it, I can hold out my left hand, think of it, and it will reappear. I can use it even if I have lost my left hand. Only I can use it. The wishes have zero cost. The stone cannot harm me in any way, shape, or form unless I explicitly request so. I cannot be tricked into getting rid of this stone or relinquishing ownership.

This wish is big but your one wish is over as soon as the first sentence is completed. So you get A STONE. You can go pick stone from anywhere, why did you waste the wish. If gene was granting 3 wishes you get stone with first three sentences. LOL, useless.

4. I wish for infinite wishes.

Oh Genie can work on these wishes only if you complete your list of all the wishes. Ufffff….this terribly went wrong.
Genie says, you can wish all you like. But you never said I had to grant any of them.

5. A gentleman asked for three wishes,
first: To understand women
second: To Understand life
Third: A sandwich.

Reply of Genie
First: From today you are a woman. As only woman understands a woman.
Second: I will make you smart woman so that you understand life.
Third: Now that you are a woman, go make your own sandwich.

6.  The ability to grant wishes for myself without any restrictions
The genie is free of his lamp.
Save for undoing anything that goes wrong in the first two.

When the genie starts granting wishes after you tell them, he sets himself free in second, so no point of third wish.

7. I wish for my wishes to be granted in the way I intend for them to be granted, not as some literal interpretation or alternate meaning that completely eliminates the intent of the wish based on poorly chosen words. If a wish is granted in a way that I deem to not be my intent, I reserve the right to correct the Genie’s interpretation of that wish into my true intent without using additional wishes to do so.

Now, this is a SMART wish.

8.Wish one – I wish you had to warn me of all catches and downsides and give me the chance to rephrase before confirming any further wishes.

Okay! Again a smart wish.

9. Every time I buy something, exact amount of money appears in my pocket.

Ok. Exact amount appears. He could not use it as it only appears for him.

10. If I were to wish, I wish for: “I should forget that I was offered to wish anything.”
I want everything to go as it is, good or bad. If I wish and something goes wrong? Also I don’t want to regret that I had a chance and I did not wish.

Would love to hear what you would wish. Post in comments. Let’s have some fun.