Do you sometimes feel that you need a helper in the kitchen? No doubt we can get them. But it is better to get tools that help you. Kitchen tools that reduce your time by half. Let’s see the list of Kitchen tools that are really useful. I am not just promoting these items for the sake of promotion, but these are the items I personally use in my kitchen. These have reduced my time I spend in the kitchen. You may try one or two then buy all of them to convert your HARD WORK to SMART WORK. Below list is with the links where you can buy these if you don’t find them in local markets.

1. Chopping –

This takes most of the time in any dish. I mostly use below vegetable cutter. (I have both varieties-one got as gift and other was purchased) Now I don’t cry while cutting onions. This really works. I have been using this for past 2 years.
There are two varieties – 
First is basic and cheaper.
Second, has more functions and is worth the price.

Buy this just for Rs.189 (approx)                                                                 Buy this just for Rs. 437 (approx)

2. Strainer –

This is useful for washing vegetables. I use this for coriander and methi leaves. These leaves are to be washed under flowing water and then filtered water. Leave them in a strainer after washing for water to drain out. Basically washing veggies becomes easy. You will see benefits while using. From below two, I prefer Steel one.

Buy this for Rs.599 (approx)                                                                    Buy this for Rs.335 (approx) 

3. Bag Handler  –



While returning from the morning walk, I usually buy vegetables on the way and to handle multiple bags was a problem. This is the solution and it is good so that you do not miss any bag here and there. Worth try.

Buy this for Rs.129


4. Garlic crusher  –


garlic-crusherThis I was suggested by my Mother-in-law. I use it now daily for crushing garlic. You have to put in peeled garlic and hold it in both hands and twist. That’s it!
Tip – I don’t peel garlic. I keep it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and the cover leaves the garlic by itself. Tip credits to Mom.

Buy this for Rs.100


5. Sealing Clips  –


clipsI have seen many people use the stapler to seal open packets. Staple pins are not safe. You can get hurt. Even using rubber bands to seal packets is troublesome. Use these clips. These are very useful.

Buy this for Rs.138

6. Padded ladle  –


Have you ever burnt your hand when you forgot ladle in cooking vessel? I have. Now I use a padded ladle. This looks unnecessary but for me it was useful. Why burn your hands when everything is available in the market. At this price, it is worth trying. (Non-stick one are not as good as this steel ladle)

Buy this for Rs.131


7. Apple cutter  –


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Daily cutting apple is easy with this. Just one press. Can be used on different things too. Try and discover. 

Buy this for Rs.72


8. Kitchen  Scale  –


I keep trying recipes from YouTube or cooking websites. Ingredients mentioned there sometimes are in grams. This scale is perfect to measure small things for recipes. It is very light weight. The first impression of the scale was not good as it looked like a toy. But trust me, after using it I found it very useful. 

Buy this for Rs. 383 (approx)

These things are very small but are really useful. I suggest trying a few and decide for yourself. They don’t even cost too much. If you already use some tools that are useful and not listed here, then please share them in comments. It may help others.

I have given all amazon links since I trust amazon for quality. I have bought all big appliance also from amazon.