Story of boss and employee life lesson


Short Story

Of a boss and employee- life lesson -but not only about boss and employee, everyone can learn as we always work in teams and we should practice this.

Mike forgot to check some sort of mechanism on a piece of equipment he used. Later it malfunctioned and broke the equipment which generated a $550,000 repair bill. Mike was sure to get kicked out of the office. Mike’s boss asked him the reason behind his carelessness and also explained what happened and how to avoid such mistakes. Mike asked him “Am I not getting fired?”. His boss replied calmly “I just spent $550,000 for a lesson you learnt and will never forget. Why would I fire you now?”

Isn’t is silly? But this is so true. After such a blunder, Mike will be more careful. There is no point in firing that person who learnt from his mistake and hire another. You never know the new person can do such mistake. But definitely the one who has gone through all that will not repeat it.

Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before. 

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