Moon landing fake
Somewhere today I read a heading  Moon Landing Faked. I read all the points got confused and started to believe that yes these conspiracies might be true. There are so many people involved in moon landing. It’s not just the astronaut. The conspiracy would have to involve more than 400,000 people who worked on the Apollo project for nearly ten years. Couldn’t believe how so many people can lie at once and not even single person let that out? Here in our small world only lies spread like fire and there with so many people nothing came out for so many years. This lead me to search more about these conspiracies.

Almost in all things always there are many non-believers ready to go in each possible detail to prove themselves right and believers and achievers wrong. “It’s easy to despise what you cannot have.”

Lets first have a look at “MOON LANDING FAKED”

  1. Flag waving in the wind.Can you see that the flag is waving in the picture of Neil Armstrong? Yes. When there is no wind or atmosphere up there then why is it that the flag is waving? Is it a setup where all this is recorded just to get ahead of Russians in the space race?
  2. Starless sky.Due to pollution we here on earth sometimes have starless sky but if you were on moon wouldn’t you expect some astronomical show? But as you can see in the picture there is not even a single star. How is that possible? Maybe the shooting set was not large enough!
  3. No landing marks of Apollo spacecraft.Even footprints are visible on moon sand but a spacecraft travelling at speed lands on a giant rock and there is no imapct at all? Was it just placed there or it actually landed.
  4. Overhead light spotted.moon landing fakeIs there any kind of film shooting going on for these photos to reflect overhead spotlight?
  5. Rocks found with marking of letter Cmoon landing fakeWho went there up and marked C on rocks?? Is it mark of any studio prop?Started thinking about all these conspiracies? True or not?

    Moon Landing Faked?? OR NOT

    Well let’s see what explanation is put up for these points.

    1. Flag waving in the wind : The flag was held in position by L shaped post so that it did not hang down. The flag waved or rather started waving when the astronauts moved them to a position. And due to inertia in space where there is no loss of energy the flag swinged like a pendulum for some time.

    2. Starless Sky : Moon landing happened during the lunar daytime. Thus, the stars were not seen as sunlight was more that their own light.

    3. No landing marks of Apollo spacecraft : Majority of thrust was throttled before landing so that spacecraft do not quickly decelerate. Also the gravity of the moon is 6 times weaker than the Earth. Less thrust plus less gravity will make landing smooth.

    4. Overhead light spotted : Moon’s surface focus and reflect light which creates a glow shadow when it appears in a photograph. Also sunlight is reflecting the astronaut and hence it appears that a spotlight was used.

    5. Rocks found with marking of letter C : When original film of  from the camera was studied there was no such C shape mark on rocks. It may be a printing imperfection. Imperfections can happen! Accept that!

There are many other points and explanations. Google them!
Wikipedia has many theories and their explanation (Read here).

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