If you are thinking that this is usual cheese chilli toast recipe then you are wrong. This is a variation of cheese chilli toast. This looks simple, not stuffed with veggies and all, but it is so yummy that it will be in your list of “Food that brings water in my mouth!!”. This is my mother’s recipe. I made this for my in-laws and they couldn’t resist eating even when their stomach was full. This was something they have never tasted before.

Let’s start making Cheese Chilli Toast:

Ingredients: (For 2 slices of Bread) 

2 Cheese cubes,
6-8 cloves of garlic,
Chopped Green chillies,
Bread (make sure it is not sweet)

No salt or any other ingredient as this will have its own yummy taste. You can add oregano for seasoning.


1. Take garlic cloves, chopped green chillies and crush them in Mortar and Pestle (Silbata). Do not grate it but crush it so the flavour of garlic and chillies can be mixed with cheese. I prefer using Amul cheese due to its flavour.

Cheese chilli toast

2. Now grate cheese cubes. I prefer this grated cheese and not the spread one. Then mix grated cheese and crushed garlic and chilli and mix them properly. Something like this.

Cheese chilli toast

3. Now spread this mixture on bread like this.

Cheese chilli toast

4. To melt cheese put this in microwave for 30-40 secs on stand. This will make the bread very soft but don’t worry, next step will make it very crispy. Melted cheese on bread be like this:

Cheese chilli toast

5. Take these and keep on non-stick pan at low flame to make it crispy. Low flame is important.

Keep on low flame till you get nice brown color at bottom and it is crispy enough for you.

Cheese chilli toast

You must try this. It looks plain but has very good flavour. You can add Oregano for seasoning.

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Mom’s Recipies are best 🙂

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