What is????   How to???   Ohh is it !!!!

Yes I am going to share all such random things.

I believe in

GOOGLE is my best friend and I can learn whatever I want from it. So if you want me to post about something specific I can by Google search and help you out.

-do you want to learn basic photoshop??
-do you want to learn basic illustrator?
-you wanna manage to install wordpress and start a blog??
-Excel basic tips is it??
-Learn WordPress Web Design easily??
-MATHEMATICS?? Many people hate it and I LOVE maths…
-DIY ??
-Cooking tips??
-Working women and want to manage things easily? (BTW this is not from google search…..but My mom tips)

That’s all for now.. You will get to know everything as I post on my blog and if you want anything just let me know…Ready to help…..

Cya later..

PS – I wrote OUR journey as without you readers I will also not enjoy writing. So it is not just me on this blog, it is you too.