This week’s story is on quote “The attempt to satisfy greed is like drinking salty water when thirsty.”

Have you ever thought why our life is in PHASES? Why is it not like our childhood all throughout? I think there is an answer for that too and that is GREED. Yes we all are greedy. Let us read how….

Random Week #6

Story on Quote – Phases of Life defined by Greed.

When God created this world, he was distributing number of years every living creature will live. First in the line was Dog –> Monkey –> Donkey –> Man and so on.

God informed dog that he will live 20 years of life in which he will keep watch outside the houses and bark in danger. To this dog requested God to reduce his lifespan. He said, “I will take only 10 years of life and you can take 10 years back.” God agreed and next came the turn of monkey.

God – “Monkey, you will live 25 years of life in which you will jump from tree to tree and eat whatever is given to you.”

Monkey- “Please God, I only want to live 10 years. Jumping for 25 years I will get tired. You can take the 15 years and I will live happily for 10 years of my life.”

God agreed and next was donkey’s turn.

God- “Donkey, you will live for 45 years in which you will be very productive in your work and carry  heavy loads.”

Donkey- “God don’t do this to me. How will I carry load and work so hard for 45 years. I will not be able to take such burden all my life. Please grant me 15 years of life only. I am very happy to work for 15 years and rest 30 years you can take.”

God agreed and next came the turn of Man. God’s best creature in this living world. He loved Man very much so he gave him very nice and easy life.

God- “Oh Man, you are my favourite and you are superior to all animal on earth. I grant you 20 years of life in which you will play, enjoy, gain knowledge and live happily.”

Man-“God, this is very less to do all things I intend to do. I will gain knowledge as I am superior to all animals. So to apply this I want 30 years which Donkey retuned you. After that I want to spend time with my kids so please give me 15 year of monkey which he returned. Then I would like to spend 10 years recollecting things I did in my life. So please give me dog 10 years which he returned.”

God-“Aren’t you asking for too much? You are my best creation and I don’t want you to go through hardships.”

Man-“I will really enjoy. As learning and not using will be waste. Please God I will not ask for more.”

God-“Ok. Now all of you will live as per these life spans.”

Now did you get why first 20 years we eat, play, learn and enjoy? Because these were the 20 years God decided for Man. In our greed we asked for more and more. So next 30 years you work like a donkey. Carry family load on your shoulders. Then you  live 15 years of monkey’s life in which you jump from house to house of your son’s and daughter’s and entertain their children. You eat that is given to you. Then comes 10 years of Dog’s life in which you just guard the house when your children are at work and Grandchildren in school. You keep on barking about your problems but no one listens. And then you die.

We all only want to return our childhood. Isn’t it? It is always said that life is 10% what is given to you and 90% what you do. Next time when you ask for more, think twice.

Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” – Erich Fromm

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