Today’s story is about Money vs Relationship. Definitely money is important but it should not come between relationships. Poor is the person who has nothing but money.

” A wise man should have money in his head, not in his heart.”

money and relationship



Once there lived a poor couple with their son and daughter. They were somehow managing daily expenses for food and shelter. But as fate would have it, both parents died in an accident. Kids had no other relative to take care. Still the boy did not give up as he was older and had to look after his sister. He loved his sister very much.

He somehow managed to earn a living for both of them by doing some petty jobs. Slowly with his hard efforts he started a small business. He was left uneducated but made sure his sister was educated enough to face the world. He saved money by curbing his wishes and only fulfilling his sister’s every wish. When she was of marriageable age, he spent his entire savings in her marriage. She was married to a wealthy man.

After marriage, sister’s attitude changed due to wealth she received. She was living in a big house, had enough to spend without thinking. Brother was happy and was making decent money in his business. Just enough to live his life. He was not rich as his sister.

Whenever brother went to his sister’s house to meet her, she never came and sat with him. She just ordered her servants to serve him food. She felt ashamed of her brother as he was not rich. But there came a twist to story.

Brother understood that she was ashamed of him. So he started concentrating on his business. He earned and got rich day by day. When he was wealthy enough to face his sister, he decided to visit her again. This time he went with lots of gifts and wore branded suit and shoes. When she saw him, she came and sat with him and talked very nicely.  She served food but brother did not eat. She forced him to have something.

He agreed and picked a spoon and served to his suit and said, “Suit, please eat this”. Next he served his shoes, “Shoes, please have this”. Seeing this she thought he has gone mad and asked him, “What happened? Are you alright?”

To this he replied, “I used to come earlier with no gifts and in plain clothes. That time you never came and sat with me and forced to eat. So I thought this time you are forcing the suit and shoes and gifts to eat.”

Here the brother only kept money in his head and not in his heart. He spent his entire life on sister. But she valued money and destroyed relation with his loving brother.

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