What if we come in this world OLD and leave the world as baby. REVERSE LIFE.

Suppose you have all memories which you will have if you lived from birth to death and not the other way round. Also all the knowledge and it will go away as you become smaller.

How will you enter the world?

You will wake up from your graveyard and crying people will be surrounding you. They will take you out and go home. And they may be your children or any relatives. So they greet you in the world crying. Then from home you have to reach that place and position where you died.

Will you earn? As you already have everything in your destiny.

Suppose your death was a result of accident in your own car which crashed. Then the car will come back to its working condition and your scars and everything will go off. You get your car and drive where you were. Wow that’s nice. All scars gone and got car without struggle.
Then you live your life supposedly working. You work hard. You already have a home. After living in it all your life and paying EMI (I think it is like living on rent).
Then you contact bank and submit application to take your home and car 😛
So this is bad. Even after paying money you are returning your car and home to bank. Then why should you even work and earn. You have everything right?
You are using credit card even now and working for it to pay bills. This life is same as getting things in advance and work hard later 😛
And then you shift to your parents’ home (remember now also your parents are older than you) this thing will never change 🙂

Restoration of health.

Suppose you died of heart attack. You get back home from graveyard and suddenly feel something in your heart. This is heart attack and you just survived it. Wow that’s a good point of living your life backward. Your health gets restored and you get rid of all diseases slowly. Oh yes also if you have a missing body part, it will suddenly appear after the incident. But the thing is, if you visit a doctor you directly go in his cabin and discuss and come back and wait in the lobby for an hour and then go home. That’s waste.

How will you meet your partner?

You have to go and take your partner out of graveyard. If you had bad relation you will regret going there :P. But you have to. Husband wife jokes will be a true story here. They are going to greet their partners in graveyard CRYING.

What about my parents?

While you are living in reverse, you start missing your parents and suddenly one day you breakout and cry loud, go to grave yard and get them back. This feeling is wonderful to get loved ones back when they are dead. You don’t have to see them die again as you will disappear from this world before they do. But you have to see your children disappear. Sad isn’t it.

What about technology??? 

Don’t worry. You will see same technology as you are seeing now. Only in reverse order as your age. Because you will go to office to destroy work and you will pay your employer. Initially you will pay him huge amount (your salary at that age) and slowly you reduce. For example, Facebook came when I was 18 years old. So when from death till 18 years Facebook will be there and then it will be destroyed by its own inventor, like you are destroying your work.

Summary is so fun

Graveyard –> so called birth place.
Having everything –>to the end nothing.
Living –>  from big houses to huts and some from huts will go to big house.
Robbers –>  donors of money as they will come and keep everything as it was supposed to be.
Shopping –> you wear old clothes and make them new and go and sell to shops.

Readers can add points in comments that are fun. This is just for fun. Also I never thought of food and how will be the end. 😛

Ohh yaa.. What about the people who have different traditions other than graveyard. Like in Hindus, will we be coming out of Fire???

I just came to know that there is a book on such thing.