How often do you use excel? If you use excel quite often and want some handy Excel tips then continue reading. There are better ways of performing tasks that you currently use Excel for. There are many tips and chart sheets online which include very basic shortcuts such as Ctrl+C is copy. But I am writing neither for very basic nor for any high funda formulas. So just simple daily use Excel tips.

  1. Sum Function in Excel.

    Do you use =sum(A3:A10) such kind of formula to get sum? So how do you do it? You type this formula. Right?
    But there is shortcut to this. First of all go to cell below your values you want to sum (in example below it is cell C20). And you JUST have to press Alt  + = to get sum of above values.
    Excel tips

  2. Want to press enter to go to another line but in same cell?

    You JUST have to press  Alt + ENTER.

  3. Formatting cells –

    Outline border CTRL + SHIFT + &
    Remove outline border CTRL + SHIFT + _

  4. Remove Duplicates

    Also we want to remove duplicates from a list more often.
    a. First of all select the list from which you want to remove duplicates.
    b. Go to Home –> Styles –> Conditional Formatting –> Highlight Cells Rules –> Duplicate Values.
    c. See below screenshot and you can easily understand.Excel tips - Remove Duplicate valued. Then a pop up will appear. From this you can either select option to highlight Duplicate or unique values. And also you can select how you want the formatting for those values. See belowExcel Tips- Remove duplicates

    e. Finally you can sort the list by going to Data –> Filter. Then you can sort by color and delete all values you want.Excel tips- Remove duplicates

    Excel tips- Sort and filter


  5. Part Sentence Deletion

    So you have written a big sentence in a cell and want to remove the last part. Yes there is a shortcut for this too. To delete text to the end of the line Ctrl + Delete . See example below. I want to delete the whole part after the word highlight. Just get your cursor there and press Ctrl + Delete.Excel tips shortcuts

All these trick will surely save you some clicks and time.

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