Top 5 interesting useful websites

I just came across some list of websites and went through them one by one. Shortlisted Top 5 interesting useful websites you must know. You might be thinking that everything is available on google. Yes you are right, everything is available but these are some tested websites and rather going through search results you can directly jump to these. I have seen people around and there on freelancing websites who struggle a lot to do basic thing and end up positing a freelance job for just making word to PDF or even an excel formula. Why spend money when everything is available at your fingertips (unless you are running short of time).

Anyway let’s see the list of Top 5 interesting useful things.

  1. Easy way to make and share GIFs from videos. can get many sites to make gif these days but this particular has many more features. You can upload video upto 1 hr length.
    Some features are – adding custom text, blur, saturation, flipping or  rotating, crop or add padding, add stickers etc.
  2. Mark route on Google Maps and Share for better directions. to give exact directions to someone having trouble with finding your house? This is the Easiest Way to Draw and Share Maps! Easily create embeds, images, and map data for free. It is very handy. You can always keep a picture having directions from nearest landmark to exact location to your house or workplace. It also had very nice interface.
  3. Logout from all signed in accounts with just one click when in hurry. am sure one or the other time you are in a hurry and before leaving your PC or laptop you want to logout from all accounts for privacy. This site will logout from all accounts in few seconds. Also I observed that from some sites it won’t. But sometimes even this can be useful.
  4. Record your writings and share. is something cool. As you type the screen gets recorded with a typing sound in background and at last you can share via a link. For eg. you want to express something and don’t have words. Start typing something and again press backspace and erase it and do this number of times and atlast write See I don’t have words to express myself. Cool, isn’t it?
  5. Online PDF tool to do all you want with PDFs. your PDF needs at one place except 5 interesting useful websitesEnjoy!!