I always feel somewhat yuck to even accidently touch rotten potatoes and onions. But after reading this I became more cautious, handling rotten potatoes. This post is based on a True Incident – Rotten potatoes can kill you and please do read. Share it, spread it. Many people actually don’t know.

True incident


True incident – Rotten Potatoes Killed her entire family.

Maria Chelysheva’s family stored potatoes in their basement for summer. Potatoes are consumed fast and rather going all the way in winter to market, we prefer storing it. When this Kid’s father went down to basement on a usual day to get potatoes, he did not return. Then her mom went to fetch him. When she didn’t come back, the young girl’s brother went to see what the matter was. He too failed to return.

Shortly thereafter, Maria’s grandmother, Iraida, 68, called a neighbour and pleaded for help to see what the matter was. Till they arrive, she also went into the basement. Her fate was the same as the others. But she left the door open while entering the basement.

Young Maria went looking for her family after they did not return. When Maria entered the cellar, she found the bodies of her whole family on the cellar floor.

The only thing that saved her from the same fate was that when her grandmother went in, she had left the door open, giving the gas a chance to dissipate.

Which type of gas? what I am talking about? Whose story it is?

This is a real story that had happened in Laishevo, a town near Kazan, in the Russian republic of Tatarstan.

“The whole family died of gas poisoning which had accumulated in the basement as a result of badly rotting potatoes”

Everybody should know this. Especially for big restaurants and such places where they store in bulk. Rotten potatoes are toxic to humans. They contain compounds called glycoalkaloids. As potatoes rot, their glycoalkaloids concentration goes up and they transmute into a deadly gas.

This should be known to everyone so please do share.