Today I have complied a list of words you never knew existed. Including all languages we have no shortage of words and in our lives we only manage to learn a small portion of them. There are so many words out there that describe really common things we encounter every day, but that I had no idea even existed. Words to describe just about every situation or feeling known to man as well as every object, every color and every action. Some words are too funny to even pronounce properly. Let’s start …..


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Must Read-
This book about learning Italian might interest you if you liked above article.
In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri

She has written the brave, intimate book about her desire to learn Italian.
She describes her state of deprivation.
She defines, how just a word can have many dimensions, many nuances,great complexity, so, too, can a life.
One big take away from this book is that you will definitely think of the road not taken  if you’re contemplating something in your mind in-order to push through the maximum possible boundary